Three Hundred Square Foot Jade Cottage Tiny Home In Savannah, Georgia

If you know me at all, you know I have had a little bit of an obsession with tiny house living since I discovered it was a possibility over 9 years ago. Since then I have lived in almost every form of home: ranch, loft, rentals, fixer-uppers and I even bought a house

the-jade-cottage-savannah-georgia-february-20217-meg-hill-photo- (14 of 305).jpg

It seemed like a really far-off possibility until I left my marriage and needed an affordable and safe place to live in Savannah while I re-grouped my life. After almost giving up home I'd be able to find a place I could afford, this little cottage was listed on Craigslist and I immediately bit.. six months later, and I am still calling this little cottage home with waverly, dakota and nova-luna. 

The photos were taken in February, and things have been arranged-and-rearranged since then, but they are basically the same. I have spent a lot of time and energy sculpting my space into a space that is easy to clean, easy to arrange, requires little thought about cleaning, and one that makes me feel happy and alive. The products and art that I have chosen aren't by chance, and have been chosen based upon their affordability.. mostly I have just gotten rid of a lot of things I don't need and have kept the things that enhance my life. 

As Marie Kondo says, only the things that "spark joy" remain.  Shall we tour? 


The cottage has been thoughtfully laid out and is one of the most space efficient tiny spaces I've ever been inside! When you walk in the front door you are met with the the entirety of the cottage (minus the laundry/bathroom/closet), but the kitchen is directly in front of you. We will start there:


The art on the kitchen walls is by my talented friend Allie Lehman. The fridge is littered with client letters, Christmas cards, developed film and far away friends. 

There is a small stovetop with a little oven underneath that suits me perfectly. All of the drawers have been organized following Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  , which I will be sharing lots more of soon!

Tunes are kept playing in the cottage thanks to my free record player I scored in Nashville from Third Man Records , and I keep local magazines like Savannah and South for guests to read while I cook. 

the-jade-cottage-savannah-georgia-february-20217-meg-hill-photo- (68 of 305).jpg

If you look further down the wall that houses the fridge and record player, you'll find a couch I made from a score on craigslist + cushions I upholstered and found at thrift stores and ikea. The wall above the couch is littered with art from Emily Jeffords, Britt Bass, Teil Duncan, Hillary Butler, KATE Waddell, my sister and myself. 


The art above my bed was a sweet gift from Linen and Leaf , the macramé prayer flags over my bed are a gift from Be With Heart  , the small yellow and white weaving is from Hazel and Scout, and the other various things in my home are most likely finds from thrift stores, from Ikea, made by myself and/or gifts from friends!