Why The Jade Hill ?

the-jade-cottage-savannah-georgia-february-20217-meg-hill-photo- (14 of 305).jpg

I am slowly building a foundation for those of you who, like me, are effected with @ehlers.danlos . Laying the bricks one-by-one with star dust and hope mixed in the mortar. 
I have the plans. The hope. The dream. 
A space for you. 
For your stories of strength. 
I am collecting everything I can find about this weird chromosomal abnormality I have called hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

Habitual hacks. 
Rhythms for your days. Beauty for your walls. Instructions for your rest. 
And giving it to you. 
Hoping to help you find the light when the darkness seems too deep. 
Teaching you how to surf and float instead of climb and crawl. 
I think that if i devote my time & energy to mastering it myself, I can then teach you. 
I'm building a little cottage on a hill and calling it jade. 
I can't wait to invite you inside!